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Coltart condemns police double standards

Coltart condemns police double standards

Education and Culture Minister, David Coltart has condemned the police and 
the Attorney General’s double standards for arrestting Counselling Services 
UNION (CSU) representatives yet failing to arrest named Asiagate match 

by Ashly Sibanda

Coltart called on the police and the AG, Johannes Tomana to arrest Asiagate 
match fixers with the same speed and determination they did against CSU 
officials on Monday.

Three CSO officials, Fidelis Mudimu, Zachariah Godi, Tafadzwa Gesa have 
since been transferred to Bulawayo to face trial for allegedly having 
subversive material.

“As I said earlier on this week we in the MDC condemn the arrest and 
detention of these folk who look after and counsel torture victims. The 
circumstances of the arrest and detention is so unusual that we expect the 
AG and ZRP to explain what they have been arrested for.

“It would be nice if the AG and ZRP acted with the same haste and 
determination as they have in the CSU case in prosecuting those responsible 
for match fixing and corruption in Zimbabwe football,” Coltart said on 

The MDC’s and a number of civic society activists have condemned the police 
for raiding CSU offices and arresting its repreventatives officials.

CSU is a non-governmental organization that provides psychological and 
medical assistance to individuals traumatized by political violence and 

The raid has been condemned by civic groups and political parties in the 
country, who accuse the government of conducting a crackdown on human rights 
defenders and political activists.

There have been several other raids and arrests of journalists and MDC-T 
officials in the last few months, which some observers have linked to 
elections due in the country next year. 

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