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Dutch Embassy Press Release on the shooting of Pieter Zwanikken

Dutch Embassy Press Release on the shooting of Pieter Zwanikken

Information for the press (on request)

1. Late Monday afternoon (17.12.12) a 50-year-old Dutch man shot was shot 
in Banket, Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe. The man is in the hospital.

2. The man has a farm where he grows tobacco. Three armed men came to the 
farm to demand his harvest. When the man refused, he was shot.

3. Two suspects have been arrested.

4. The embassy in Harare has contact with the family of the man and will 
visit him in hospital.

5. The embassy is in contact with the police and has also drawn attention 
of other local authorities to the case, including the Ministry of 
Agriculture and the Joint Monitoring Commission, which examines cases of 
(political) violence in Zimbabwe.

6. The ambassador had just visited the farm on 14.12.12 because it had 
been under threat to be taken over by others. The ambassador had already 
intervened with the local authorities on behalf of this Dutch investor.

7. The position of white farmers in Zimbabwe remains shaky. Many 
thousands have lost their possessions, but still there are hundreds who are 
active as farmers in Zimbabwe. Virtually all of them now work on smaller 
pieces of land, sometimes no longer as owner, but only as a co-owner or as a 

8. At present, there are two other Dutch investors of whom it is known 
that their investments are threatened.

9. The Dutch embassy in Zimbabwe will pursue the interests of Dutch 
citizens and businesses, amongst others by appealing to Zimbabwean 
authorities and by supporting organizations that strive to combat 
(political) violence.

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