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Zimbabwean murderers free to travel to EU

Zimbabwean murderers free to travel to EU

TODAY @ 18:27


BRUSSELS - Seventeen men and women accused of murder, torture, rape or 
kidnapping in Zimbabwe have been given the green light to travel to the EU.

Mugabe's men murdered up to 200 people in 2008 (Photo: The Mint Julep)
The names feature on a list of 81 people and eight companies taken off the 
EU's Zimbabwe sanctions list on Thursday (28 March) as a reward for the 
country's "peaceful and credible" constitutional referendum two weeks ago.

The move was announced earlier in the week, but entered into force when the 
decision and the names of those it covers were published in the bloc's 
Official Journal.

Dozens of the other de-listed people are said to be guilty of "involvement" 
in President Robert Mugabe's "campaign of terror" against the MDC opposition 
party during elections in 2008.

According to the US-based NGO Human Rights Watch, Mugabe's men murdered up 
to 200 people, beat and tortured 500 more and forced about 36,000 others 
from their homes.

But the group-of-17 is special because EU diplomats on the ground managed to 
get information about their direct involvement in crimes.

The roll-call includes Phineas Chihota, who is accused in the original EU 
sanctions decision of being "associated with abduction and torture."

It counts Mike Karakadzai ("abductions"), Jawet Kazangarare ("involved in 
murdering Tapiwa Mubwanda, MDC electoral agent"), Musarashana Mabunda 
("beatings, torture"), Innocent Matibiri ("murder of a farm labourer"), Joel 
Matiza (orchestrated the killings of two men), Brighton Matonga (led a group 
which murdered a woman), Cairo Mhandu (led a group which killed two men).

It also includes Sibusio Moyo ("murder of MDC supporters"), Olivia Muchena 
("linked to politically motivated murders"), Ambros Mutinhiri (set up 
torture camps), Magadzire Nyahongo ("Involved in politically motivated 
murder"), Victor Rungani ("abductions"), Tendai Savanhu ("abductions of MDC 
women"), Chris Sibanda (organised torture camps), David Sigauke ("torture 
against civilians in the diamond fields") and Nathaniel Tarumbwa ("in charge 
of [a] torture base").

The EU earlier in February already delisted 21 people, several of whom had 
similar profiles, as a teaser for Mugabe.

The President himself, his wife Grace, and eight other henchmen, including 
his head of intelligence, Happyton Bonyongwe, and three military chiefs are 
still personae non grata.

Mugabe's diamond mining company, the ZMDC, and Zimbabwe Defence Industries 
also remain banned from doing business with EU companies.

But the EU aims to review Thursday's decision every three months from now, 
with diplomats saying that if general elections go well in July the 
arch-villain himself and his diamond firm will get off too. 

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