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Zimbabwe: MDC saddened by Chitungwiza accident, murders in Guruve

Zimbabwe: MDC saddened by Chitungwiza accident, murders in Guruve

via Zimbabwe: MDC saddened by Chitungwiza accident, murders in Guruve May 21, 2014

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) sends its condolences to the Francis family following the murder of Malcolm Francis and his daughter, Catherine, at a farm in Guruve on Sunday 18 May.

That the two were attacked as they took a walk around the farm is disturbing and reveals that violence remains ingrained in our society.

The murder has once again brought to the limelight the dire national crisis regarding the issue of the respect of property rights, security and human rights at a time when others internationally had begun to believe Zimbabwe had turned a corner with regards to violence.

The MDC also joins the families of the 10 passengers who lost their lives in a commuter omnibus accident on the Harare-Chitungwiza road on Monday 19 May.

The party urges drivers of public vehicles to exercise extreme caution on the roads in order to protect innocent lives.

In the case of the Guruve murder, the MDC is concerned that no arrest has been made.  This means that, despite the advent of a new Constitution, Zimbabweans remain unsafe in their homes and in their communities.

The MDC urges the government to put in place measures that ensure the safety of individuals and those who perpetrate such dastardly acts are brought to book.

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