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ZESA loses out to resettled farmers

ZESA loses out to resettled farmers

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority could be losing thousands of 
dollars in potential revenue through illegal power connections on resettled 
farms, it has emerged.

by Sphiwe Ndlovu

In Selous under Chief Chivero’s area people use tree poles to connect wires 
to power supplies illegally. Recently two poles collapsed and electrocuted a 
cow that was grazing nearby.

Resettled residents of another farm in the same area have also illegally 
connected electricity to their homes. More than 80 families are living with 
electricity in what used to be a compound.

The power supply is illegally connected to a transformer situated in the 
farm house and untreated gum-poles are sunk into the ground to connect live 
wires to houses around the compound.

“Each person contributed $40 to buy electric wires and gum-poles for power 
to reach his/her home,” said a resident who spoke on condition of anonymity

ZESA Public Relations Manager Fullard Gwasira said they were aware that 
illegal connections were taking place in some areas, adding that there were 
monitors at every distribution base station across the country. It is a 
criminal offense to connect illegally to power supplies. 

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