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National bull & heifer sale 2017

National bull & heifer sale 2017
Tuli heifers, one of the indigenous breeds that will be on offer at the National Sale

Tuli heifers, one of the indigenous breeds that will be on offer at the National Sale

The Brahman Breeders’ Society of Zimbabwe has the prime goal of breeding quality, adapted, purebred Brahman cattle for the ultimate advancement of the national herd of Zimbabwe and the beef industry. Membership is made up of producers who are breeding purebred Brahmans conforming to the Society’s Constitution, Rules and Regulations, and sharing a passion for the breed and its improvement and promotion.

All registered animals and their progeny are inspected in order to maintain high standards and purity of the breed with emphasis on its adaptability to conditions in Zimbabwe. The Society also promotes the breed vigorously throughout Zimbabwe and encourages good breeding practices as well as providing a platform for discussion, guidance and improvement of knowledge through training days, field days and discussion groups.

Brahmans were first developed in the US during the 1800s when Zebu cattle were crossed with mainly British breeds and its genetic versatility, adaptability to conditions, hybrid vigour, longevity, disease resistance, heat tolerance, good maternal abilities, ease of calving and utilisation of low-quality grazing, have made it a popular breed. Brahmans have revolutionised commercial cattle herds in the dry and extensive areas in the southern hemisphere of Africa.

The Society will be hosting a Pedigree Cattle Breeders workshop on 25th and 26th July. Guest speakers from the Brahman Cattle Breeders Society of Southern Africa will discuss how to breed the ideal Brahman as well as the value of pedigree animals in your breeding programme. How to select your herd sire and cow herd, as well as how to avoid serious faults when selecting the ideal animal will also be debated. The nutritional requirements of bulling heifers, first calvers, pregnant cows, cows with calves and weaners in winter and summer are also important topics that will be discussed during the workshop. Practical demonstrations amongst live cattle will conclude the proceedings. For further information, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 04 – 756 600.

Zimbabwe Herd Book: National Bull and Heifer Sale 2017

Preparations are complete for the prestigious annual National Bull and Heifer Sale 2017 which will take place on Friday 28th July at the Mt Hampden Sale Pens, Lomagundi Road which is expected to attract a large crowd of both buyers and sellers. The National Sale is organised by the Zimbabwe Herd Book, the umbrella body of the various pedigree breed societies dedicated to improving the country’s cattle seed stock.

90 bulls, 60 heifers, Dorper sheep and Boer goats will be on offer. Of the beef breeds, Beefmaster, Boran, Brahman, Santa Gertrudis, Simmental and Tuli breeds will be represented and two pedigree Holstein dairy bulls are also on offer.

Viewing takes place from 2pm on Thursday 27th July and the sale starts at 10.00am on Friday 28th.

Zimbabwe’s Stockfeed Sector

The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) is buying maize at $390/mt over the 2017/18 marketing season and selling it to industry at wholesale prices ranging from $240 to 280/mt. Farmers are being encouraged to sell their maize to the GMB.

Open market farm-gate prices are currently as low as $180/mt for the independently produced crop. For contracted maize, Government has enacted Statutory Instrument 79 of 2017 which imposes heavy penalties on any trader other than the GMB who buys maize from farmers funded under Command maize programme.

Presently, some industry players have had quality issues with maize from GMB depots who have given assurances that they are addressing quality issues. The Board is being strict about moisture levels and checking all incoming parcels.

The soya bean crop from the 2016/17 season is estimated to be 28,000mt, the bulk of which has already been acquired. Oilseed Expressors are selling soya meal at wholesale prices ranging from $375 to $550/mt and have expressed willingness to barter trade soya meal for soya bean deliveries from stockfeed manufacturers. Following industry consultations, government is restricting import permits for soya meal in favour of importation of soya beans to promote local crushing.

The Zambian market prices for soyabean is set to increase from $360 to $400/mt. Local traders expect Zambian authorities to return to its traditional export policy of restricting exports of whole beans in favour of exporting soya meal.

No stocks of maize bran are available at present. Wheat bran is available at $135/mt. Cotton cake is available ex-factory at $260/mt. The market expects adequate domestic supplies of cotton cake throughout the 2017/18 marketing season on the strength of a good cotton crop.

Following resumption of cane milling in May 2017, the market has abundant supplies of molasses trading at $80/mt ex-factory and $140/mt delivered to Harare.

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