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The Bottom Line


By Richard Winkfield


From 1985 to 2000, Richard Winkfield was Director at the Agricultural Research Trust (ART), a world-ranked private research facility in Zimbabwe. During this time he wrote a regular column for The Farmer, a weekly magazine for the agricultural sector, to promote ART's research activities and to give technical news (excluded here) and topical information. These popular articles were often preceded by light-hearted descriptions and comments on life on ART Farm and in Zimbabwe before the devastating land-reform programme overwhelmed the country. This is a selection from the 750 articles in the series.


The book is available from Mike Clark at CFU Headquarters for US$ 25

Innocent Victims



 Rescuing the stranded animals of Zimbabwe’s farm invasions 

Meryl Harrison’s Extraordinary Story 

by Catherine Buckle 

In December 2002, Meryl Harrison moved a large audience to tears at the BBC Animal Awards Ceremony, having been flown from her native Zimbabwe to receive their Special Award. There she told her tale of the rescue of countless animals caught up in five years of the Zimbabwe land invasions, as farmers and families were forced from their homes to make way for Mugabe’s ‘war veterans’. 

Many had to leave their animals behind, and it was Meryl’s mission on behalf of the under-funded ZNSPCA to go into these destroyed farmsteads to rescue countless domestic animals and their wounded livestock. 

Nandi, pictured on the book-jacket of this heart-warming account of her animal rescues, is just one of the many ordinary pets she managed to save. 

The bravery of Meryl and her small team, as they overcame huge obstacles to find and return these traumatised animals to health and to their loving owners, has earned her world-renown. 

But she didn’t do it for any human praise – she did it for the animals, the innocent victims of human folly.





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Price: US$ 30.00

All for Nothing?


My Life Remembered




C G Tracey became a farmer at sixteen at the beginning of the Second World War.



Entrepreneur, businessman, plant-breeder, racehorse owner and breeder, sanctions-buster, chairman and director of many companies, husband, father and gentleman, C.G. was active and involved through the many unsettled years of Zimbabwe's history. This included the Central African federation and its break up, Ian Smith's UDI followed by sanctions and the war, Zimbabwean independence in 1980 and the search to put the country on a sound footing.



Having had a considerable influence in the development of our still fledgling nation, in the closing years of his long life, he suffered the loss of his own farm in a period in which his brother, sister, and children were all tragically affected and his sister-in-law was murdered.




Price: US$ 30.00



by Eric Harrison

This Humorous and devastatingly poignant novel is a fact based story of a white African’s agonising battle to save his home, farm and family from brutal and intimidating terror attacks. Rich in descriptive Narrative of a youthful life in Rhodesia, facing the challenges of a terrorist war and establishing a farming enterprise by sheer determination only to lose everything to State sponsored thuggery. Harry and Joan approach the sunset of their lives with a commitment to the restoration of dignity and well-being to all honourable Zimbabwean Citizens. A Major Work exploring the collective character of a rebellious Nation torn apart by racism and rationalization and offering an exciting insight into relationships between good governance and State sponsored thuggery and terrorism. About the author Eric Harrison was born in Bulawayo and educated at Allan Wilson Technical School in Salisbury (now Harare). He enjoyed most sport and is determined in patriotic spirit. With his family, he was forced to abandon his farm in Zimbabwe As a result of “Jambanja”. As a farmer and Police Air-wing pilot during the war of Independence, he describes the intimidating and brutal ’Jambanja’ from first hand experience. He now lives in Harare with his wife, committed to the restoration of a civil Society and the well-being if the many displaced and dispossessed citizens.

Available from Room 118, Agriculture House

Price: US$ 30.00

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