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Chimene ignores court order, invades farm

Chimene ignores court order, invades farm


A RUSAPE woman has accused Manicaland Provincial minister Mandi Chimene of violently invading her farm on Sunday before dumping her goods by the roadside.


Christine Murembwe, who owns Mona Farm, said Chimene had been targeting her farm for a long time, but previous attempts to eject her failed.

Chimene on Sunday reportedly ordered Zanu PF youths to break into the farmhouse and throw out Murembwe’s belongings despite a court order barring her from invading the farm.
Murembwe previously worked as an aide to former State Security minister Didymus Mutasa, now a founding elder of Zimbabwe People First.

She told NewsDay yesterday that the farm was invaded while she was attending a church service.

“I was at church when it happened, but I hear they came to my farm with a lorry full of youths, commuter omnibuses and several other vehicles,” Murembwe said. “They broke the gate to gain entry and also vandalised the doors at my farmhouse before removing my property. At first, they put it in the yard, but I hear it has been taken to the roadside. I am in Harare at the moment.”

Murembwe said in spite of a High Court order barring Chimene from such conduct, the Provincial minister went ahead to occupy the farm.

She said such behaviour should be deplored and police must take action.

“I suppose they say they are untouchable by the law. She is saying I don’t deserve a farm with a better house than hers because she is a war veteran. But I also have relatives that went to war and some who died during that war,” Murembwe said. She said it was unfortunate that it was believed the farm was owned by Mutasa, as it was in her name and she was operating it.

Chimene yesterday insisted the farm was hers.

“They had fraudulently taken it with the help of Mutasa. I was given the offer letter to that farm and she was given a withdrawal letter too,” Chimene said.

“She must move out and we won’t allow what they were doing with Mutasa to continue.”

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