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Farmers duped in chicken project

Farmers duped in chicken project

A COMPANY based in Harare, Compaq Poultry, is accused of duping farmers at Zimbili resettlement in Umzingwane District of their hard-earned money through a chicken project.


Farmers told NewsDay that Compaq Poultry officials visited their area on Sunday and promised to supply day-old broiler chicks and asked them to pay a joining fee, which is far above the chick value on the market.

“They came and promised the poor resourced farmers a deal in supplying day-old broiler chicks and asked them to pay a joining fee, which is far above the chick value on the market. They also promised to bring stockfeed the next day,” one farmer, who identified himself as Ndlovu, said.

“They also promised a deal to come and buy the chicks after four weeks, but then after that, they vanished,” he said.
Mlungisi Nyathi, one of the victims, said he lost $75 in the scam.
“They left us with chicks without stockfeed and promised to come back with it in the next day. However, ever since, we have been trying to get in touch with them to no avail. There are many people who have fallen victim to this,” he said.

Nyathi said other farmers even sold bags of maize at cheap prices in a bid to join the scheme.

“Now they are crying foul,” he said.

According to an agreement letter signed by Compaq officials and farmers, the company promised to “supply chicks and you feed them, then we come and buy them after a period of four weeks”.

The agreement states that farmers needing 100 chicks should pay $140, while those who needed 50 chicks and 25 chicks pay $75 and $45, respectively.

The company is reported to have used the same modus operandi to dupe farmers in Bindura.

A Compaq official switched off his mobile phone when NewsDay sought a comment from him.

Umzingwane legislator William Dhewa said he was not aware of the matter, but promised to look into the issue.

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