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Wildlife Compensation Fund proposal

Wildlife Compensation Fund proposal

Angry elephant
Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
BUBI Rural District Council has proposed a special wildlife levy to compensate people affected as a result of human and wildlife conflict.

The call comes at a time when there is an increasing number of people who are losing their lives or are sustaining permanent injuries after being attacked by wild animals.

Just last week, two people were attacked by an elephant in Bubi.

One died on the spot and the other one died in hospital days later.

Bubi RDC Chief Executive Officer Patson Mlilo said every year communities become victims of wildlife attacks and affected families should be compensated.

“We are appealing for this special levy from hunting concessions so that it can assist people affected by wildlife as is in this case where two people have been killed after they were attacked by an elephant.

The State urges people not to kill wildlife, encouraging harmonious living between people and wildlife but they have not considered the problems caused by these animals,” he said.

Mlilo said animals destroy crops, attack livestock and people.

“Wildlife should be a sustainable and developing resource for the state and not an under developing injector to communities as it negatively affects agriculture, infrastructure and the workforce in communities,” he said.

Mlilo said in as much as people are compensated for workplace disasters and road accidents, there is a need for a compensation fund that will cater for animal attack victims.

“Agencies should pay to government a certain percentage of levies that will be contributed towards the compensation fund for wildlife victims such as those two who have just been killed by an elephant in the district,” he said.

Last week on Tuesday, two men were attacked by an elephant while working in their field in Bubi.

One died on the spot and the other one succumbed to his injuries at Mpilo Central Hospital on Sunday.

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