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Jericho the lion dies

Jericho the lion dies

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
JERICHO the lion – brother to the famous Cecil who was killed by an American in an illegal hunt last year – has been found dead at Hwange National Park.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authorities (Zimparks) authorities have attributed his death to natural causes.

A research team found the lion dead on Sunday evening after a four day search.

Jericho (12) was part of a lion research done by a United States of America-based university.

Like many wild animals, Jericho was not known to locals until last year’s killing of Cecil the lion by American trophy hunter Dr Walter Palmer.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority (Zimparks) spokesperson Ms Caroline Washaya-Moyo yesterday said the lion is suspected to have died on Thursday due to natural causes.

“Jericho was found dead in the Kennedy area which was his territory. It is suspected that he could have died on October 27, 2016,” said Washaya-Moyo.

“Jericho was being monitored via a satellite collar. The team of lion researchers (Andy and Jane) and our Ranger Trust located the carcass this (Sunday) evening during an ongoing re-collaring exercise which started on 0ctober 24.”

The killing of Cecil the lion caused international uproar with an online community signing a petition against Dr Palmer.

The online conservationists even started an online campaign for the protection of lions which raised $50 000 in a week.

While the international community was making a fuss about the lion’s killing, locals were celebrating its death saying the lions were a menace in the community as they were eating livestock.


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