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Victoria Falls lion pride kills 42 cattle, 5 donkeys in 1 month

Victoria Falls lion pride kills 42 cattle, 5 donkeys in 1 month

lion pride

Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter
VILLAGERS in Monde under Chief Mvuthu and Matetsi under Chief Shana outside Victoria Falls are counting their losses after lions killed a combined 42 cattle and five donkeys this month.

Villagers who spoke to The Chronicle said lions invaded villages and were attacking livestock even during the day, sometimes in the presence of herd boys in grazing areas.

Mr Raphael Dube from BH 25 said 15 cattle were killed last week only in six villages under Chief Mvuthu.

“These are confirmed reports only but a lot of people are losing either cattle, goats or donkeys,” said Mr Dube.

He said the worst affected villages are BH 26, BH 10, BH 9, BH, 25, BH24, BH 8 while surrounding areas are also understood to have similar problems.

“Cattle are succumbing to drought and now we have to lose more to lions. Just in the last seven days 15 cattle were killed and we are worried because the pride is still around the area. They are even attacking cattle in the presence of herd boys,” said Mr Dube.

He said they had reported to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and Campfire but no help had come their way yet.

“They always promise and the problem is now perennial as we lose livestock every year,” Mr Dube said.

Matetsi Ward 1 Councillor Alderman Elias Mzamba said in his area 11 cattle were killed last week bringing the number to 27 since November 1.

“The situation has been serious lately and people are worried. The reports we have received show that 27 cattle were killed this month, 11 of them last week including five donkeys,” he said.

Unlike in Mvuthu area, Ald Mzamba said Zimparks and Campfire have been responsive in the area as a pride of lions was driven into Hwange National Park from Matetsi Range Farm last week.

“They usually come and scare them away. As we speak last week they scared a pride away from Matetsi Range Farm. People are now always alert for fear of losing more livestock,” he said.


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